I don’t have 1, I don’t have 2, I have many mentors.
Teachers whom I tap into, at different times, which inspire various aspects of my life. And not because I necessarily have a question that needs answering but because I am ready and willing to receive the insight being passed on.

Whether it be related to my art, parenting, communication, or business;
I remain open in any exchange because it is fuel - energy for expanding life.

Those momentary teachings, shining the light on the areas that lie dormant within us, waiting silently for the warmth of that glow to come into our field of view. Reminding us of what we may have forgotten, what we already know, are connected to or are aligned with.

You might say “I don’t have the money to pay a mentor!” and if you’re not ready, then don’t.

But don’t let that stop you from reaching out and having a conversation with those you admire,
those who when you see them leave you feeling; happier, lighter, excited, joyous, even challenged or more informed.

You had a conversation, you didn’t have to pay for it, but you got that moment of mentoring.
That moment of exchange. That moment of connection.

Invest in them all; the ones we pay for, the ones offered freely and the ones that catch us by surprise. You might find them in your parents, old & new teachers, through work, friends, friends of friends, via networking, on social media, that person you’ve always admired, even a child or expanse of nature… they are all whispering pearls of wisdom.

How do we invest in them?
By noticing them when they arrive, to be willing to move through the resistance that may creep in if it challenges us or our preconceived ideas, merely listening, watching and receiving. By being silent.
And of course, thanking the person or experience that has granted us the chance to upgrade.


✨Who can you get in contact with this week, this month or year?

✨Can you free up some time to be inspired, to share, to exchange, to listen?

✨Who would you meet up with… if you weren’t so scared, nervous or too busy to ask?

You’ll find the most inspiring mentors are happy just for that energetic exchange.
They love sharing their passions, passing on their wisdom as much as you love listening to them.

Angela Licciardi