One’s childhood is inherent to anyone’s story and my home-life was filled to the brim with conversation. On anything & everything from design to life, history to current affairs, foreign places to eastern philosophies. At a time when it wasn't so commonplace, due to my father's work & extensive travels, particularly Asia, we were lucky enough to be exposed to different cultures including the stories of their art, their food and their way of life. I found this captivating and my mother, almost always, had them end on a metaphysical note... this ignited a curiosity and query into all aspects of life.

Sitting slightly on the more introverted side, I naturally processed a lot internally and with my observations & awareness, came a sensibility and an attunement to certain subtleties and sensitivities to my surroundings and the people I encountered. It also brought to my attention just how delicate, interwoven, layered & connected everything is... This idea is something I am exploring in my work; it also contributes to my holistic approach to life.

I thrive on the new & eclectic; my chosen medium on any given day could be paint, charcoal, photography, or digital media. I tend to oscillate between two states when crafting my pieces; mind and body, intellect and intuition, energy and calm, structure and disorganization, painting and digital media. I have always been interested in life's duality, and this is another theme that is becoming evident in my practice. Each of these elements truly fuel and give power to their counterpart, one informing the other.


Angela Licciardi