New ideas and queries arrive and my art is an attempt to capture. A weaknesses or advantage, depending on how one views ‘the cup’, is that I resist adhering to colour schemes, processes and themes... simply because I allow that which must arrive, to arrive; my ‘creative process’ has always been first and centre. A desire to experiment with the endless tools available, further, differentiates the pieces and as the messages arrive the 'work' takes shape. 

Every image is different, with generally three stages to my process. These do not necessarily occur in order but more of a fluid to & fro, depending on what I am responding to. 
The stages:

  • research - a query into the scheme, theme or subject I am wishing to convey.

  • experimentation - I employ a willingness to learn new techniques which enabling expressions and a layering of wonder, spontaneity and flow. Mark making is expressive and instinctual here. Each piece is layered adding texture and glazed to add dimensionality.

  • refinement - this is guided by decades in the graphic design field. The skills I attained, instruct my discernment and final strategic moves.

The Art

All the above culminate in the finding of lines that are flowing, tones are subtle, textures are seen and felt whilst the pieces retain their delicate quality. Shapes are organic yet divided by structure. Movement is apparent creating a sense of drama. Colours are muted with flecks of vibrancy. The play on space and the feeling of spaciousness is as important as any subject in my pieces.

Abstraction comes naturally and effortlessly, this is my joy, my art, my gift... 

By way of example, I hope to inspire others, to follow their own individual calling. I love to hear people speak of their own passions & inspirations, it peaks my interest and I am totally present.

Have you thought about what drives you?

Angela LicciardiComment